Cannes is an ideal, a filmmaking standard, not a place in… France? I think it’s in France. Anyhow, only the most prestigious films play in Cannes and all the famous people go there to kiss each other on the mouths. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to decide what films actually win Cannes. They may not win the Palme d’Or, but in our opinion, lots of movies can win Cannes whether or not they screened at any film festivals at all. Come hang out with us, we’ll talk about movies, filmmakers, and whatever we think deserves to win Cannes. We’re handing out Palm Doors like it’s nobody’s business!


Maddiy [All posts by Madeleine…]
Editor-in-Chief, Master-o-Cannes

Madeleine Koestner is a lady living in New York City. She likes movies a lot, and she likes to watch a lot of them in a row. Her qualifications for most things are how many movies she has seen, which is too many. She is an advocate of watching films on film, and considers the viewing of a film print to be a bragging point. Although she would like to see every movie, and feels there is merit in every single movie-viewing experience, she tends to favor genre film, leaning in the horror direction. She also really likes documentaries, although she doesn’t see enough current ones.

Email Madeleine at madeleine [at] youwoncannes [dot] com


Greg [All posts by Greg…]
Co-Founder, Designer, Editor, Neverending Problem

Greg is not a lady living in New York City. He loves indie cinema, like my Big Fat Greek Wedding, and has little to no bladder control. He is an advocate of gluing together his favorite films, and thinks that 35mm is type of a gun.

Email Greg at greg [at] youwoncannes [dot] com



Wil Keiper [All posts by Wil Keiper]
Really Drunk Writer

WIL Keiper is a controversial pop culture journalist and owner of Horror YearbookHorror Yearbook. He’s known for targeting and harassing women in a Kane-like manner.

Email him at wil [at] horroryearbook [dot] com, or follow him on Twitter at @HorrorYearbook.


Will Link [All posts by Will Link…]
Los Angeles Correspondent, Anti-New Yorker

Will Link is a screenwriter and film critic for the nationally syndicated radio program The PM Show with Larry Manetti. You can also hear him dissect pop culture and conduct interviews weekly as co-host of Will Sean Podcast? on iTunes.

 Follow him on Twitter @TheRealWillLink.


Shawn Francis [All posts by Shawn Francis]
Writer & Bigfoot Film Expert 

Shawn Francis is an avid movie collector, mostly of Horror, Science Fiction and anime, reviewer of such, and a published horror author with Damnation Books and Eternal Press.

 Shawn runs DVD News Flash, an extremely up-to-date Facebook page tracking releases of upcoming genre films.


Richard Long [All posts by Richard Long…]
UK Cult Movie Genius

is a British novelist and film critic. Aside from reviewing movies at YWC, Richard also reviews films at Cine-Apocalypse, specialising in 80s and Italian horror. Richard’s favourite horror movie is The Evil Dead. His favourite current film is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and his favourite movie of all time is It’s A Wonderful Life. And he stands firmly in his belief that George Lazenby was the best James Bond.


Greg Dinskisk [All posts by Greg Dinskisk]
Very Opinionated Film Critic

Greg Dinskisk is a student of film, learning more and more about film criticism, film writing, and film directing.His favorite working directors are Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Nicolas Winding Refn, Robert Rodriguez, and the Duplass Brothers. He also has a pretty massive crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ryan Gosling. For some of his zany antics, follow him on Twitter @GregDinskisk. Ever have a question, random film pitch, want someone to talk to, or wish to discuss survival methods in case of a zombie apocalypse, shoot him an email: GregandFredProductions [at] sulekha [dot] com.


Cris Deveraux [All posts by Cris Deveraux…]
Film News Guru

Cris grew up in love with the movies. He’s wanted to write and direct since he was a young boy. After graduating from SVA’s film program, Cris has been working on writing and producing short films with his crew in upstate New York. On his free time, he reads every film blog and magazine there is and knows just about everything that’s going on in Hollywood. Cris loves superhero and action movies, and his favorite movie of all time is Robocop. Email Cris at cris.devereaux [at] gmail [dot] com


Ella Cheri [All posts by Ella Cheri…]
Super Cute Writer

Ella Cheri is a model, actress, and real life clone. She was birthed when a mad scientist built a cloning machine and used it to replicate the most beautiful woman he had ever seen: a tall dark haired waitress at a New York City diner. Who was that woman? I have no idea. But from her genetic coding, Ella was created, a blank slate who learned fast and developed a brilliant mind of her very own. She has acted in several low budget horror films since then. You should send Ella flirtatious emails at eeecheri [at] gmail [dot] com, or friend her on Facebook.


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