Movie Review: Slice and Dice: The Slasher Film Forever (2012, Dir. Calum Waddell)

Slice and Dice: The Slasher Film Forever

I learned of High Rising Productions, the company that created Slice and Dice, through the work that they did producing extras for Arrow Video’s DVD and Blu-ray releases.  Before High Rising Productions made extras a lot of UK horror releases either didn’t have them, or claimed an interactive menu was an extra feature.

The first High Rising Production extra I saw featured cast interviews, the thoughts of the director, and was made for a much more interesting viewing experience.  To the point where, if some of their short documentaries like ‘From Romero to Rome’ had been longer, perhaps they could have been stand alone features.

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Movie Review: The Paranormal Entity Series

The Asylum's Paranormal Entity

Paranormal Activity was so successful for me because when I saw it, I knew nothing about it.  In fact, I’d seen a trailer for a film called The Fourth Kind and had thought Paranormal Activity was actually that film.  So, when I watched it, yes, I knew it wasn’t real, but the simple ideas and wonderful acting left me scared and intrigued.  The first Paranormal Activity film stayed in my head for weeks.  The scene of Kate being dragged away by an unseen entity freaked me out.  Shot on consumer grade camcorders, I find most found footage movies to be redundant.  But Paranormal Activity learned from its predecessors and offers a scary ride.  Where The Blair Witch shot itself in the foot by making a sequel that openly laughed at the first movie, the Paranormal Activity series has stuck with its winning formula, sometimes getting it wrong but always keeping the storyline consistent.

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Cult Flashback: Footprints On The Moon (1975, Dir. Luigi Bazzoni)

footprints on the moon

I have a clear memory of when I first became aware of Footprints on the Moon, also known as Le orme. It was a lonely summer evening and I was browsing the LOVEFiLM instant listings. I found this title and remembered seeing the trailer a while ago. There are many Giallos out there, especially on the Shameless Films label, but this one is different from the rest. It’s a haunting movie. In one aspect, it’s a film about one woman slowly losing her mind and in another it’s a mystery movie.

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Cult Movie Flashback: 1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982, Dir. Enzo G. Castellari)


I can remember when I was a kid, seeing this movie on the shelf of my local video store. I think my father had rented it too, as he was a big fan of road movies and motorbikes. Bronx Warriors is an Italian apocalypse film which borrows ideas from Mad Max and bringing into the mix some heavy metal haircuts and leather jackets. It’s not as serious as The Wanderers, but this gang movie is far from a comedy either.

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Movie Review: The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn – Part 2

The Twilight franchise finally comes to an end.  Although I’m sure given enough time, Hollywood will try to convince Stephenie Meyer to author more books so that they can make more films and an obscene amount of money.   Breaking Dawn Part 1 was slow and suffered the same fate as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, in that it attempted to stretch one book into two films.  In Harry Potter, we had great moments of nothing as Harry and friends wondered around the wilderness for a sword – in Breaking Dawn, we had long moments of flat conversations about love and other concerns.  Well, all that changes in Part 2.

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Cult Movie Flashback: Demons (1985, Dir. Lamberto Bava)


When I was young my mum took me to school and stopped me at the gates and said ‘Richard we have no money to buy you birthday presents son, but I promise we will rent a video and I’ll make us a nice tea.’

I’ve never forgotten that moment or the film we rented. At the time, Demons was the most talked about movie in my small town. All my friends had seen it and marveled in its over the top scares and gore. It’s odd that this little horror movie means so much to me, but it honestly does. And when I watch it I remember watching it with my mother and wish we could watch it together again…

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Cult Movie Flashback: The Evil Dead (1981, Dir. Sam Raimi)


It was labeled the ultimate experience in grueling horror, or as horror writing godfather Stephen King put it, ‘The most ferociously original horror movie of the year’. It’s a film with over the top gore and plenty of scares, a real grungy punk rock feel, but with plentiful artistic flair. So, here are my thoughts on revisiting one of the best 80s cult horror films: The Evil Dead.

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