Interview: Director Eron Sheean Discusses Errors of the Human Body

Errors of the Human Body

Following my two enthusiastic viewings of Errors of the Human Body, I was luckily able to have a short correspondence with the director of the film, Eron Sheean. Although Errors is his feature directorial debut, Sheean had previously written and produced the Xavier Gens film, The Divide. Sheean is, in my opinion, definitely someone to keep an eye on in genre cinema. Check out our chat below, and for more on this film, read my very positive review of Errors of the Human Body from earlier in the week.

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David Guy Levy Discusses Would You Rather?

David Guy Levy Would You Rather Interview

I got to chat with David Guy Levy, the director of the film Would You Rather? earlier this week. We talk about its current release by IFC Midnight, how he got the cast together, and how he managed to make a single location film so exciting. Check out my review of the movie right here, and read our interview below!

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Interview: Don Coscarelli And Paul Giamatti Discuss John Dies At The End


You’ve probably noticed my affinity for the novel John Dies at the End and its film adaptation by now, as I keep bringing it up here. This is, what, my fourth article either about it or mentioning it in the last few months? Anyhow, as a fan, I am super blessed with this position as a film critic, because it gave me the opportunity to not only meet but talk to the director of the film and one of the stars. Don Coscarelli is a legendary horror director, he’s been making fantastic genre films for decades, and is the man behind the Phantasm series. John Dies at the End is Paul Giamatti’s first venture into the horror genre, but we all know him already from his dozens of other incredible performances. I somehow managed to keep my cool and only geeked out a little at the end, but yeah. This was amazing. Read it under the cut.

John Dies at the End gets a limited theatrical release on the 25th, and is available on VOD right now. I highly recommend it.

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Interview: Ciarán Foy Discusses His New Film, Citadel

Citadel - Won Cannes

Irish director Ciarán Foy is the man behind the new low budget horror film, Citadel.  I’m a few minutes late to our interview, and I apologize immediately. Foy doesn’t seem to mind a bit; he is very relaxed. “I was finishing up a photo shoot.” He’s just arrived in New York from Chicago, and in just a few days he will be in London. Foy is touring the festival circuit with his new film, and since scoring the audience award at SXSW, its very first screening, the reaction all over the world has been amazing.  “The more I’ve gone around the world with it, the more I’ve been surprised,” he tells me.

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Interview: Resolution Filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

I didn’t get to too many films at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, but of the handful I did see, Resolution was my favorite. Resolution is a horror film of a slightly more psychological nature, focusing on the relationship between two old friends, Michael (Peter Cilella) and Chris (Vinny Curran), who are reunited when a strange video appears in Michael’s email of Chris on a drug binge in the woods. Michael treks out to find Chris, committed to a plan of holding Chris hostage in the cabin in which he’s been living, and forcing him to detox. Yet, as always, things are not exactly as they seem.

The guys at the heart of the project are two funny, articulate, super awesome, and rather handsome fellows: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. They were kind enough to take a break from their very busy festival schedule to hang out with me and chat about their film.

Read the interview under the cut, and stop by again later for the link to my full review of the film at Horror Yearbook.

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A Brief Interview With Nailbiter Director Patrick Rea

As a follow-up to his essay on Nailbiter, contributor Shawn Francis contacted director Patrick Rea, who was kind enough to do a short interview for us.  To find out how Nailbiter came to be, when you’ll get a chance to see the flick, and a few other tidbits about Rea’s up-and-coming career, read below.

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Interview: Director Ti West Talks About Indie Film

Since 2005, with his low-budget debut feature The Roost, Ti West has been well-known as someone worth keeping an eye on in horror. His new film, The Innkeepers, is fresh off the festival circuit and was just released via VOD.  It’s a quirky little ghost movie, with an extremely unique attitude, one that is very reflective of the filmmaker behind it. I got to sit down and have a conversation with Ti about lots of stuff, including working on independent films outside the system, his feelings on piracy and the importance of supporting what you like, and the upcoming anthology film V/H/S.

Over the course of this interview, I went from being a fan of Ti West to considering him one of the most respectable filmmakers working in the horror genre, simply because he is an angry badass. He embodies exactly why I love horror so much, an intelligent filmmaker with things to say working with radical material under difficult conditions.

You can read the other half of this interview on, where we focus more on the horror aspect of Ti’s career, and get a chance to chat with actress Sara Paxton about The Innkeepers as well.

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