Watch David Lynch’s “The Hotel Room” Online

David Lynch's The Hotel Room

Now that the modern master of genre-infused oddities is essentially out of the filmmaking world, with the exception of his music video for this year’s “Came Back Haunted” from Nine Inch Nails and assorted short-form documentary pieces, fans of David Lynch have been left with revisiting his many cryptic works as they slowly but surely make their way to the digital age. As his work travels through streaming services and are receiving updated releases on Blu-ray, a new generation of fans are discovering his endearingly esoteric and fascinating work by the day. Yet, as any good cinephile can tell you, even a filmmaker with a profile as high as Lynch is bound to have some works lost through the cracks.

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Buffalo Dreams To Host Screening of Troma’s Return to Nuke ‘Em High

Return To Nuke Em High Premiere

Greg Lamberson’s Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival (formally Buffalo Screams) will host a sneak peek of Troma Entertainment’s Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1. Return is the fourth film in the Nuke ‘Em High film franchise, and is the first sequel directed by Lloyd Kaufman.

Kaufman will be in attendance for a Q&A following the event. The sneak peek screening will take place on Saturday, November 9th at 9:30 pm at Dispon’s Amherst Theatre, 3500 Main Street, Buffalo NY. Admission is only $8.00

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Full Moon Presents ‘Trancers: City Of Lost Angels’ and More

Full Moon Streaming.Com Presents Trancers: City of Lost Angels

Horror icon Charles Band has launched Full Moon just in time for Halloween. The new service allows Full Moon fans to stream movies from the Full Moon and Grindhouse catalogs for a small monthly fee. Not all the Full Moon titles are available just yet, but Band has promised to add a new movie every week. Full Moon members will also have access to contests, all the old and new Videozones, rare-behind the scenes footage, and premieres of Band’s newest films.

The service kicked off with the world premiere of Trancers: City of Lost Angels. The never before seen Trancers sequel is part of Band’s unreleased Pulse Pounders anthology from 1988. Band started releasing the individual segments to DVD, starting with The Evil Clergyman in 2012. City of Lost Angels will be available on DVD in November, and the sequel to Dungeonmaster will be released sometime next year.

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Another International Trailer For The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

New International Trailer For Catching Fire

Of course I’ve read Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games trilogy. As a self-proclaimed pop culture journalist, I do my best to keep atop of whatever is the trendiest thing of the moment. Yet when The Hunger Games hit theaters, I couldn’t wrap my head around the excitement movie-goers seemed to be full of. The movie seemed nonsensical without the knowledge of what happened in the novel, and if you had read the novel, it seemed like a dumbed down, boring selection of scenes to adapt, done as cheaply as possible. I mean, I couldn’t even tell if anyone was hungry.

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KICKSTART THIS: He Took His Skin Off For Me

He Took His Skin Off For Me Kickstarter

He Took His Skin Off For Me is a short film which will be directed by Ben Aston. It seems to be exactly how it sounds: a story about a man who removes his skin for his girlfriend. The Kickstarter page explains to us that its a sort of a screwed up fairy/morality tale. “Think Margaret Atwood meets David Cronenberg,” the page tells us.

After drawing comparisons to David Cronenberg, who is one of my favorite contemporary directors, this project appeals to me quite a bit. Plus, the effects are all practical, under the supervision of Colin Arthur, who worked on the original Clash of the Titans, The Never Ending Story, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. In a world filled to the brink with CGI ‘magic,’ it is incredibly nice to hear that people still like good o’ fashion practical. It should look pretty great! Right now they have met the goal, but they need a bit more (2.5 thousand, at the time of this article’s writing) to get the extra day of filming they need.

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Curse Of Chucky Is Bringing The World’s Favorite Killer Doll Back To Life

Curse Of Chucky Included In Upcoming Child's Play Box Set

In my opinion, the Child’s Play franchise should have ended with Seed of Chucky. It was the ultimate ending to a solid horror franchise, but Universal has decided to give the little guy another chance on the direct-to-DVD market. Unfortunately the humorous nature of the fifth film turned off a lot of fans, forcing Don Mancini to scrap the wink at the camera formula in favor of a more serious film.

Mancini is bringing Child’s Play back to its roots with the upcoming Curse of Chucky. Not only did Mancini get rid of any humor, he has also restored Chucky’s classic look. Chucky’s patchwork face has been replaced by his original Good Guy Doll image from the first film. This is also Chucky’s first direct-to-DVD sequel, and I’m glad Universal has decided to forgo movie theaters. It puts less pressure on the film to perform, and it could possibly open the door for more sequels in the future.

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At The Dark Divide Plans To Make Bigfoot Scary As Hell

At The Dark Divide Makes Bigfoot Scary As Hell

The makers of the short film Eaglewalk, which we covered several months ago on the site, have started a Kickstarter campaign to help them raise money for a new short set in the same universe as their earlier film. It’s going to be called At The Dark Divide, and they’ve announced a noble mission statement for the creation of this film: “making Bigfoot scary as hell.”

These guys have only got 12 days to come up with the funding to make the prequel to the best damn killer Bigfoot short film we have covered on the site since we came into being. But don’t take my word for it; go click that link down there, visit their Kickstarter, watch Eaglewalk for free on the page, and, if you like it and you can, donate some money.

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MAD Z Productions Announces New Slate of Horror Films

MAD Z Productions Presents Box

MAD Z Productions announced today that they have teamed up with Obolus Entertainment to produce a new horror anthology entitled Box. The new film features seven segments tied together by a frame about a box that terrorizes anyone who dares to open it. MAD Z has released one sheets for first five segments of the film. You can see them all at the MAD Z Productions website. Box is currently in pre-production with a shoot date of June 2013, and a tentative 2014 release.

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Help Make DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four

DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four

The early 90’s Roger Corman production of The Fantastic Four has never officially seen the light of day. You can get bootlegged copies that are of a superb enough quality, but there’s been no official DVD release, and the film has never had a legitimate theatrical run. The details surrounding its lack-of-release are a bit foggy, and a mystery that I, for one, would love to know the answer to.

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YWC Is On Its Way To A Mad Monster Party!

YWC goes Mad Monster Party!

Hey guys! It’s me, your slobmess host of Cannes, Madeleine! So right now, I’m beginning my trek to the Mad Monster Party convention in Charlotte, NC. I’ll be there all weekend, so expect a bunch of updates with photos and videos and write-ups of what’s up. The guest list is pretty sick. I’m very excited to meet Bruce Campbell (again!), both Gary and Jake Busey (oh god), Danny Glover (wait, what?), David Naughton, Linnea Quigley, and a Burmese Python. And everyone else. Also: Jaws Reunion. Hell yes. Also, I highly encourage you to stop by my buddy Skullclown‘s booth and check out what he’s been sculpting for the con. He makes some amazing stuff. Seriously, this is going to rule.

Say hello if you are there! I’ll be live-tweeting what I’m up to on the @YouWonCannes twitter. Mad Monster Party opens its doors tomorrow, Friday the 22nd, at 6PM. I hope to see you there!