Movie Review: Kill Me Now (2012, Dir. Travis Long)

Kill Me Now

Before discussing Kill Me Now, I must state that I am a pretty big fan of This film was written by and stars columnist Michael Swaim (After Hours, Agents of Cracked). There are bit roles for regulars Katy Stoll (Those Aren’t Muskets) and Katie Wilbert (After Hours), and there is a cameo near the end by Daniel O’Brien (Those Aren’t Muskets, After Hours). Most of the people that write regularly at are thanked in the credits, all having some small role in helping some way.

I mention this because I cannot imagine anyone who isn’t a fan of Cracked enjoying this film. It is very much in their style, and although directed by Travis Long, it is truly Michael Swaim’s film. For those that like things in Cracked’s unique style, this is a very, very, very good thing.

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