D&D And Me: A Nostalgic Perspective


I’ve only talked briefly of my love of all things D&D in a couple of reviews, but have never really spoken at length about it, never thought I’d really feel the need to since at 45 I’m not into the game anymore, haven’t been for decades, but just a few weeks ago while on Amazon I bumped into what appeared to me to be a new Monster Manual. The release date confirmed it was indeed new. What?! Without hesitation I hit up google, did some detective work and learned the makers of the game created a 5th Edition that started it’s official roll out this past summer.


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Blu-Ray Review: Knights Of Badassdom (Dir. Joe Lynch)


 “You have questionable taste in women, my friend.”


I wasn’t familiar with the term, LARP, until I first heard about this movie last year. I actually had to look it up (L.A.R.P=Live Action Role Play), then I realized whom those people were that dress up in fantasy garb: Larpers (Live Action Role Players).

Like Ryan Kwanten’s character I too had been into Dungeons & Dragons at one point, for me it was a big part of my high school life, and also like his character I had eventually outgrown it. Out grown all role-playing games actually, but unlike his character I did not get into death metal music.

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