You Won Candy Corn: Eight Horror Films That Traumatized Me

Top Eight Most Traumatizing Horror Movies

Guess what: it’s still Halloween! And to get into the spirit of my favorite holiday, I’ve been revisiting some of the films that I personally have found to be the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. I’ve compiled a list of the eight horror films that have been the most effective in absolutely terrifying me. Read about my experiences with cinematic terror below, and I encourage you to comment and tell me about your own as well.

Check out the article I posted earlier as an introduction to this list right here. 

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50 Films Of Halloween Part 2: Films Six to Ten

So, at the time at which I am writing this, (aka, right now,) I have watched 20 films. I have reviewed most of them too. The thing I have been the most slow about is posting my reviews. That’s a weird reversal of laziness. I’m doing all the work except the little bit of html and pressing a couple buttons. But, you know how it goes. I’m busy and illogical. So here are the next five reviews! I have a new favorite film of the month so far too!

I really hope I can get through 30 more movies in the next 15 days, you guys.

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YWC’s 50 Films Of Halloween: The First 5

In the words of The Whitest Kids U’ Know, “October is fucking rad. It’s the scariest sounding month.”

October. It is my favorite time of the year. Fall is beginning, end of the year projects are starting to gear up, and most importantly: HALLOWEEN! I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t Halloween all year round for me, but it’s great that the rest of the world joins me for a month. And the best way to celebrate? Watch a ton of horror films.

For the month of October, I’m going to watch and briefly review 50 horror films. I intend to focus on a slightly weird grade of genre fare, favoring more obscure flicks. I’ll be watching a lot on Netflix, as they do have a pretty extensive library of horror, a lot from my own collection, Hulu+ and Amazon’s streaming library, DVD rentals, and definitely going to theaters here and there. I’ll provide all the info, so if anything catches your fancy, you can check it out. And you should! You should watch all the movies! But the question I keep being asked, by friends and family I have been talking to about this is: Why are you watching 50 films, and not just 31?

The Answer: because everyone else is watching 31. And I’m way more hardcore than that. I took a handicap for being really busy and started a week ago, so here are my first five films of Halloween.

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