Movie Review: Toad Road (2012, Dir. Jason Banker)

Toad Road (2012) Movie Review

I have a confession to make, everybody. When Occupy Wall Street was going on, I happened to side with the people who were against Wall Street. I’m not a fan of banks in general, but those kids had a point. Rich people have always, and will always, suck.

But, I just watched Toad Road and now I don’t know what to believe. I saw these fucking kids time and time again at those goddamn rallies. The same kids that live off credit lines while living out a self-righteous minimalist lifestyle that outsources their cash to drugs and cover charges are the kids that pollute the story of Toad Road. I want to show this movie to the Obama administration, just so that he can make Jason Banker’s film a federal crime against the progression of culture by ruining the namesake of art so badly that it’s offensive.

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Interview: Don Coscarelli And Paul Giamatti Discuss John Dies At The End


You’ve probably noticed my affinity for the novel John Dies at the End and its film adaptation by now, as I keep bringing it up here. This is, what, my fourth article either about it or mentioning it in the last few months? Anyhow, as a fan, I am super blessed with this position as a film critic, because it gave me the opportunity to not only meet but talk to the director of the film and one of the stars. Don Coscarelli is a legendary horror director, he’s been making fantastic genre films for decades, and is the man behind the Phantasm series. John Dies at the End is Paul Giamatti’s first venture into the horror genre, but we all know him already from his dozens of other incredible performances. I somehow managed to keep my cool and only geeked out a little at the end, but yeah. This was amazing. Read it under the cut.

John Dies at the End gets a limited theatrical release on the 25th, and is available on VOD right now. I highly recommend it.

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I Have A Lot Of Feelings About V/H/S

V/H/S premiered at the Sundance Film Festival about a week and a half ago, and it seems to have generated quite a buzz. Then again, that might just be with the people I follow on twitter, several of whom are actually the makers of the film. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been hearing all about the disaster that occurred during the screenings and the sale of this low budget horror film to Magnolia. And frankly, the whole thing has me captivated.

V/H/S is an anthology horror film about a group of criminals who break into a house and accidentally uncover a trove of horrifying video tapes, all containing documentation of snuff like violence and bizarre supernatural occurrences.

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A Brief Interview With Nailbiter Director Patrick Rea

As a follow-up to his essay on Nailbiter, contributor Shawn Francis contacted director Patrick Rea, who was kind enough to do a short interview for us.  To find out how Nailbiter came to be, when you’ll get a chance to see the flick, and a few other tidbits about Rea’s up-and-coming career, read below.

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Dissecting Nailbiter (2012, Dir. Patrick Rea)

WARNING: If you don’t like spoilers, do not read any further. This review is gonna be full of them. Sorry, but that’s just how I roll.

I first heard about Patrick Rea’s NAILBITER almost a year ago through a post on a horror website. The trailer looked good, and best of all, I soon learned NAILBITER was a monster movie after stumbling across a photo of one of the creatures on the web. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

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