You Won Cannes’ First Picks For New York’s Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival starts this week in New York City, which I’m sure you’ve already noticed if you live here, by way of the programs that were inserted into every free newspaper being thrust in front of you as you stepped out of the subway last week. Even if you didn’t take one, you saw them on the ground. Personally, I took two. One for reading, and one for marking up in a complex system of pictographs indicating which films to see, when, where, and how.

The line-up is pretty alright this year, although I find myself missing the midnight selections. Tribeca has a pretty distinct lack of horror and science fiction. No worries, flipping through my guide, I was perfectly capable of getting totally psyched about plenty of films. Tickets went on sale today, and I have, so far, bought 5. I intend to see many more films than just these, but I figured I’d share my first few picks with you.

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