Blu-Ray Review: The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug: Extended Cut (2013, Dir, Peter Jackson)


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If it wasn’t obvious before it’s pretty damn obvious now Greed is the primary sin slowly killing our society. As sins go, it’s an awful one too because it destroys any morality you may have had and any prejudices you might carry, thus making sure you think of nothing else but it. Greed has even found it’s way into the fantasy world of Middle Earth. Barring any “special rings” among the various beings that inhabit the realm, it appears Dwarves are more susceptible than most to its corruption. They used to live in this great mountain called, Erebor (aka The Lonely Mountain), where they forged huge amounts of gold.

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Peter Jackson Insists On The Hobbit Being Seen In 48fps

I am extremely finicky about movie-watching. My rigid set of ideals about how a movie should be viewed states that the best way to watch a film is in a theater, on film, and every downgrade that must be made from that perfect experience is a sacrifice. This has been hard to maintain as movie-making becomes progressively more digital. When I say what I want in a screening I have begun to add “or a 4k projection”. That’s alright. I can groove with technology. But as technology advances, it’s becoming cheaper and easier to improve your home theater… and there is so much more room for error. It began with the widescreen television. People buy them and set the aspect to whatever the internet says is right, then disable the controls and now you’re watching everything distorted and stupid. Now as quality increases, it’s getting worse. Have you ever tried to watch something on a TV and it’s looked odd and too fast, the refresh rate is way too high, or there’s something very off about the frame rate? It seems unnatural, the speed is right, but the movements are too clean and quick?

Well, that’s what The Hobbit is going to look like. Intentionally.

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