Muppets invade the screen, and your clothes.

After a 10 year hiatus the Muppets are finally returning to the big screen, igniting the excitement and creativity of their dedicated fans.

Tapping into this reservoir of freshly inspired Muppeteers, Disney and Threadless have joined forces to bring the world a smorgasbord of beautifully designed Muppet themed T-shirts.  After a grueling contest, the winning designs have finally been chosen and are now waiting for you over at And to think, I used to believe Muppets dancing over my body was the thing of dreams.

Although I don’t have high hopes for The Muppets, which arrives in theaters this Thanksgiving, these shirts are fantastic. It’s hard to imagine a Muppet reboot in a post-Jim Henson era, where there has been such a drastic cultural shift in the film industry. But one can still hope that this new film will recreate some of the charm of the early movies.

I will say however, if you love the Muppets, and you love good films featuring Puppets, check out the incredibly charming Being Elmo: A Puppeteers Journey.  The film is a slim, sweet documentary about puppeteer Kevin Clash, his experiences working with puppets from a very young age on, and the birth of Elmo. It’s in theaters now.

On a final note, I’ve caught wind of some fans and bloggers picketing to get the Muppets hosting the Oscars since Eddie Murphy’s departure. This is a pretty far-fetched idea, but if enough people demand it, who knows!

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