Made for TV: Yeti, Curse of the Snow Demon

The Syfy Channel may be the biggest cesspool of doo doo out there, but wading through its stinky waters can be rewarding if you’re willing to take the leap. Some Syfy flicks, like Mega Piranha for example, make for great clips on The Soup, but don’t offer a very enjoyable movie-watching experience. However, every once and awhile the Syfy Channel does manage to plop out a decent turd like The Lost Future, or the recent monster movie Yeti.  Anyone who has wasted a Saturday afternoon watching TV shows like Small Wonder, Sheena, Land of the Lost, or Xena will enjoy this Syfy Original Movie. It’s also the perfect weekend time killer for shut-ins, people nursing a Friday night hangover, or someone on house arrest.

Yeti is a cross between Alive and Abominable. A football team must contemplate eating their dead friends to survive after their plane crashes in the snowy mountains. Unfortunatley for them, the Yeti beats them to the dead body smorgasbord and now has a taste for human flesh.

Yeti features the greatest mix of a man in a suit and CGI that I have ever seen in a movie. The monster uses the same special effects as the 1990 Flash TV show to run really fast, and he also possesses an  awesome blurry leaping ability that you can see in the video at the bottom of this review (Warning: This video contains spoilers, and also all of the best parts of the movie).  The monster suit is the best low budget costume I have seen since Werewolf in a Women’s Prison, and it’s much more believable than the all white football team who crashes in the Yeti’s backyard. Only one black guy on an entire football team? Come on Syfy, is a little believability in my killer Yeti movie too much to ask for?

Yeti is unlike other Syfy films that get dragged down by boring dialogue and awful looking CGI monsters. There is enough gore and laughable moments to keep the movie moving along nicely, and the Yeti is front and center instead of hiding in the shadows. The subpar acting is broken up  by the many Yeti appearances making this one the best films Syfy has ever released. Other Syfy directors should take notice of Yeti, because this is how a low budget made for TV monster movie should be made!


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