Chronicle Sends Flying Teenagers Over NYC

Last Friday, New Yorker’s jaws dropped as they witnessed three flying teenagers prowling the skies around lower Manhattan. Although Gotham has been the set for many flying superheroes, these flying humanoids were something much different: specially designed radio-controlled aircraft used in a hysterically clever marketing campaign by Thinkmodo, a company that specializes in creating viral marketing, for the upcoming film Chronicle, which opens on February 3rd.

What I’ve gathered from their marketing campaign so far is that Chronicle appears to be a found footage film style about a group of teenage boys who gain telekinetic powers for some reason or another, and use them for just about anything they can think of. Then they get in fights. Basically, it looks like a teenage boy version of The Craft, updated for a 2012 audience. Of course, the whole thing is a little unclear, as these viral videos tend to withhold information, stirring up a little mystery to generate interest. It’s working.

Their marketing campaign should be commended for its effectiveness, even though I have admit I would have had a craving to see this film anyway. After inundating Youtube a few months ago with a teaser trailer I couldn’t stop myself from caring about, the techs over at Thinkmodo are now sending pubescent aircrafts to float around a notoriously hard to impress city.

So even if you haven’t been sold on the idea of super powered high school bros wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting city, you’ve got to admit, the video is pretty cool.


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