Indonesian film, The Raid hits U.S. Theaters

Asians are making a comeback! Jeremy Lin has taken the NBA by storm and Iko Uwais is poised to become the next big action star on March 23 when The Raid hits U.S. theaters. A sequel and remake are already in the works for the Indonesian action film which has been tearing up the film festival circuit since 2011. Sony Pictures acquired both the domestic distribution and remake rights at Cannes (yay!) last year and plan to cast Ryan Reynolds as the star.

The Raid follows an elite swat team (not made up of washed up action stars) who must fight their way out of an impenetrable safe house filled with the world’s most dangerous gangsters. The movie has been called one of the best action films of the year, and it sure looks like it judging from the new clip below. Director Gareth Evans proves he can shoot an action scene without making you motion sick.

Great action films are hard to come by these days. Charles Bronson has been replaced by Shia LaBeouf and jive talking robots, while action stars like The Rock have abandoned the genre for more lucrative comedy careers. Hopefully The Raid can pull us out of our action film slump.

P.S. I was kidding about Ryan Reynolds.

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