Trailer Released For Sundance Doc Hit The Imposter

While moviegoers tend to use the glamour of film to escape the everyday drudgery of life, sometimes they don’t have to look further than reality to find the most bizarre and fantastic stories.

This years Sundance hit, the Documentary The Imposter, uses recreations, home video and interviews to re-tell the chilling story of Frédéric Bourdin, a 23 year old french Algerian who convinced a Texan family that he was their missing 16 year old son.

After a couple in Texas mysteriously lost their 13 year old, authorities in Spain discovered a man who began recounting tales of torture and kidnapping. After years of creating identities and impersonating children, Bourdin discoverd interpol was nipping at his heels. With no where else to turn, Bourdin made a drastic decision and stole the identity of a missing American child to escape imprisonment. After a carefully crafted scheme (which is detailed in this fascinating article written about him, which can be found here,) The family rejoiced in being re-connected with their lost son, but as we can see from the trailer, it doesn’t take them long to discover that something is not right.

This film and story seems truly fascinating, and from all the rave reviews circulating about it, I can’t wait to get the chance to watch. Watch the trailer below:

Below is the synopsis via A&E:

In 1994 a 13-year-old boy disappeared without a trace from his home in San Antonio, Texas. Three and a half years later he is found alive thousands of miles away in a village in southern Spain with a horrifying story of kidnap and torture. His family is overjoyed to bring him home. But all is not quite as it seems. The boy bears many of the same distinguishing marks he always did, but why does he now have a strange accent? Why does he look so different? And why doesn’t the family seem to notice these glaring inconsistencies? It’s only when an investigator starts asking questions that this strange tale takes an even stranger turn…

Documentary meets Film Noir in this astonishing true story which has all the twists and turns of a great thriller. Just as the truth begins to dawn on you, another truth begins to emerge leaving you even more on edge.

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