New Mirror Mirror Featurette Still Terrible

Ever since the trailer gave another one of our writers a STD, any footage of the upcoming Tarsem Singh film, Mirror Mirror, has become an infected seductress I’m desperate to avoid. Yet being the sort of person who has little to no self control, I eventually caved to her sticky beckoning and watched the new featurette of Armie Hammer as Prince Charming.

Unfortunately, I too have now been infected by Mirror Mirror. The nearly two minutes do nothing to convince me that the bland, poorly delivered jokes of the trailer actually have more substance. Julia Robert’s character still horrifically boring, and the incessant “look at how tiny these dwarfs are” jokes explode before they even get the chance to get off the ground.

However, there is one tiny glimmer of hope for this film. While speaking with digital spy (via slashfilm) the director confessed the marketing for this film has not been ideal.

“I’m really angry at the trailers. I’m a director, I guess, so I always get pissed at them! The movie looks fantastic and the trailers look so hammily off. The posters are okay, they’re still neutral, but we’re trying to get the film out there so people don’t judge it by the trailer.”

So does this mean that Mirror Mirror actually stands a chance to become something decent? Who knows. And honestly, I don’t think I care either.

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