Tim Burton and Michael Keaton Are Considering Beetlejuice 2

It looks like Tim Burton wants to hammer the final nail into his coffin: Beetlejuice 2. According to Film School Rejects, Burton and Michael Keaton are game for a sequel if the script is right. I’m not sure why Keaton is pretending that the script matters. We all know he needs something to do between Toy Story sequels, but this could be make or break for Burton. Not in the monetary sense, Burton’s movies are box office gold. As long as he keeps making movies like Alice in Wonderland he will always have a job in directing.

Burton hasn’t made a decent film since the 80s, and has become a huge cog in the Hollywood remake machine. It is as if he and Michael Bay are locked in mortal combat to see who can make more bad remakes before they die. A bad Beetlejuice sequel will send him even further down the George Lucas path and kill off any support he has left with his original fanbase. However, Seth Grahame-Smith is determined not to let this happen, and Burton is only giving his blessing, he probably won’t direct.

“When Warner Bros. first talked to me about it I said there needs to be two things to happen before I would even consider it,” said Grahame-Smith. “For one, it couldn’t be some kind of reboot or remake with a different actor playing Beetlejuice. I wasn’t interested in that. I wanted actual Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice and an actual sequel to the movie. Two, I said I’d only do it if Tim gave it his blessing and guided the process. I got both of those things: Tim to say if there was a good enough script he would help with the development of it and I got Michael Keaton to say, if the script was good enough, he’d be open to doing it.”

Beetlejuice may be considered a classic by some, but let’s be honest, how could you really mess up a sequel? I would much rather see a sequel than a remake. Perhaps that is why Burton is only going to develop the film, he only knows how to redo things these days.

Smith promises Beetlejuice 2 won’t be The Son of Mask, and said the sequel will take place 27 or 28 years after the first film. “It’s interesting, you wonder what happened to those characters, how times have changed, and how Beetlejuice would interact with them. Right now it’s in the ‘we’ll see’ stage,” said Smith.

I wonder if Beetlejuice will have a small head?

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