YWC’s Top 3 Guilty Pleasure TV Shows of 2012

Guilty Pleasure tv shows of 2012

There are two things I’ve learned during my short and boring life. The first is, regardless of how much you may want to avoid it, there is something about  high school drama that is so engaging that once you witness it, not only can you not look away, but part of you needs to be part of it. The second, is for some reason supernatural entities, bet they ghosts, vampires, zombies or what have you, are infinitely more interesting than actual people. (Imagine It’s a Wonderful Vampire, or Werewolf on 34th Street, and you’ll have a pretty good idea what I’m talking about).

Combine the two, and you’ve got a recipe for the most irritatingly addictive and interesting shows on your hands. While I’d like to think I’m a snob, impervious to who becomes prom queen or dates someone else’s ghost boyfriend, I too have fallen for supernatural teenage drama. Yes, I know, we all think we’re better than Twilight or 50 Shades of Gray, and especially better than the dozens of shows which have sprung up because of their success. But you know what? Turns out I’m not. And since I’ve been thinking about these shows more than anything else in my life, I’ve decided to share my passion with the world by compiling a list of my favorite guilty pleasure tv shows!

Pretty Little Liars

guilty pleasure tv shows - Pretty Little Liars

 Murder, intrigue, Prada. Pretty Little Liars follows a clique of high school royalty in their struggle to discover who murdered their group’s leader (think of a dead Regina George from Mean Girls) while simultaneously coping with all the boy drama that envelopes the lives of most 16 year old girls. While there’s nothing overtly supernatural, there are mysterious omniscient characters, visions of their dead friend, and a 16 year old who is played by a 27 year old actress (if that’s not supernatural, I don’t know what is).

The show also undulates between Gossip Girl and CSI Miami in a really fun way. I mean, where else could you have a group of teens trying to figure out who blew up their neighbors house mere moments after planning a fashion show, or figuring out how to tell their boyfriend they kissed their sister’s ex. Pretty Little Liars, that’s where.

Vampire Diaries

guilty pleasure tv shows - Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries
follows Elena Gilbert, a fairly normal high schooler, whose world begins to unravel when she and her friends uncover the existence of the supernatural and its long ties to their town, Mystic Falls. Some people become witches, a whole bunch just up and die (one way or another), but lucky for us, Elena finds herself in a hunky vampire love-triangle with some centuries old vampire bros.

Aside from all the sexy characters and CW teen high school drama, I have to say Vampire Diaries has a pretty interesting and compelling story. Maybe it’s because I secretly want a vampire boyfriend, but the character dynamics are really interesting. Whether or not it’s intentional, none of the characters (or “villains” if you like) are inherently “good” or “evil,” and everyone, regardless of how old or powerful they may be, still has to fight the demons which are derived from their last vestiges of humanity.

And, at some point one character’s girlfriend gets jealous of her boyfriend’s ghost girlfriend! What more could you want? But if you don’t believe me, check out the customer reviews on Amazon. Some highlighted below are from grown men, one of which is a retired marine:

“As I understand it, The Vampire Diaries is supposedly aimed at teenage girls, well I am neither, yet (as far as I am concerned) this series is tied with NCIS as the best program in TV, the BLU-RAY disc’s are stunningly well done, the transfers are near perfection, the sound is well balanced and dynamic, the performances are first rate, the stories are great, and constantly go off in directions that are full of surprises, not to mention fun, I look froward to every episode, and can hardly wait until season 2 is out on BLU-RAY”


“I heard this show was for teeny boppers but took a chance and purchased season 1 I am a recently retired Marine and after watching the first 5 minutes I was hooked! This show has drama ,action, and great acting! This series is for adults and kids. Can’t wait for season 2 to be released!”

And perhaps, most accurately:

“WARNING: It is CRACK. If this show ever gets cancelled your going to need rehab. Even my dog is addicted.”

If that didn’t convince you, I’m not sure what would. Maybe that the initials for the show is VD? I don’t know. Catch VD.

True Blood

guilty pleasure tv shows - True Blood

I have to admit, True Blood wasn’t always something I felt guilty for enjoying. The first few seasons had a really interesting take on vampires (I.E. the synthesized True Blood product that allowed Vampires to “come out of the coffin,” all the supernatural mumbo-jumbo was pretty fun, and heck, even the Louisiana accents we kind of cool). But after season two, the show began to take a narrative slide that ended with the abomination “Billith” in the 2012 season finale. What is Billith, you ask? Google it, because I don’t think I could do it justice.

While there’s no actual high school in this show, everyone acts like they never left the 10th grade. Shirtless men, copious violence, sex (and vampire incest), and little to no substance, this show delivers pretty much everything you pretend you don’t want from life. In fact, the show is so over the top that I barely care how incongruous and nonsensical the story is, or how one dimensional the characters are. I can’t get enough, and I’m sure you understand if you’ve already been watching (and if you haven’t, once you start you sure will)!

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