Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 11 Review: “Catch Me If You Can”

Shane & Bonnie, Catch me if you can - Vampire Diaries

As we discovered in the last episode, After School Special, the cure is now more important than ever in the Vampire Diaries universe. A cure for Elena, a source of hybrid’s for Klaus, a chance at revenge for Rebekah, a chance at redemption for Stefan, and a source of power for Shane (and perhaps even Bonnie’s downfall).  With something in it for everyone, it’s hard to say where the show will go – but with the developments in the most recent episode of Vampire Diaries, Catch Me If You Can, we learn that the path to Silas and the cure will be long, and that whatever path gets taken will be littered with bodies.

Klaus will get the cure by any means necessary  

By now we know Klaus is perfectly content on being the most powerful and immortal being on earth (at least at this point in season 4 of Vampire Diaries). WIth this in mind, it makes sense why Klaus is so intent on getting the hunter’s mark completed. With Elena cured, not only will he be able to continue raising an army of Hybrids to ensure his power, but he will also be able to destroy the cure, so that it could never be used against him. Because of this, Klaus get’s weary of how slowly Jeremy’s training is going, so he takes matters into his own hands and turns every patron at a nearby bar into a vampire, and leaves them lying, helpless during their transition, for Jeremy to kill.

Still new to hunting (and a true bleeding heart), Jeremy refuses to kill the innocent people Klaus had turned against their will. Not one to let his plans fail, Klaus compels all the vampires to hunt and kill Matt (who was up at the lake house training with Jeremy) at any cost, forcing Jeremy and Matt to run for their lives. The two are almost killed too, until Damon (and even Elena) step in and kill their pursuers.

What I find most interesting about this scenario is that Elena kills one of the vampires about to hurt her brother. Considering how affected she was when she killed the old hunter, it surprises me how much of a non-issue this was. After all, she was protecting someone she loved in both scenarios, so either she has truly changed since becoming a vampire, or she has finally given up with all the dangers surrounding her.

Kol becomes a new element in the hunt for the cure.


As if enough people weren’t trying to get their hands on the cure, Kol comes in and throws everyone for a loop. When Jeremy and Damon go back to the bar to find and kill the remaining vampires, they discover all the vampires have been brutally murdered by none other than another one of the Originals, Kol.

He reveals to Damon and Jeremy that several hundred years ago he came across a group who claimed to worship Silas, and that their goal was to raise Silas to bring about the end of the world. Obviously, for someone who cannot die, the end of the world would be quite the intimidating predicament indeed, and so one can understand why he would want to keep Silas buried at all costs.

With nowhere to turn, Kol kills all the vampires Klaus had made, and compels Damon to find and kill Jeremy (since he does not wish to inflict the hunters curse upon himself). Leaving everyone amiss as to how they are going to continue searching for the cure.

(As an aside, I would like to imagine that, since the originals can only be killed by the white oak, that after the “world ends” the originals would just be stuck either on a destroyed earth, or floating in space. That would be an interesting spinoff of Vampire Diaries – Space Originals.)

Elena attempts to strike a deal with Klaus.

Jeremy And Elena

With all the danger that Damon and Jeremy are finding themselves in, Elena reaches out to Klaus and begs him to help her stop Kol from killing Damon and hurting her brother. While resistant at first, Klaus agrees, seeing that he cannot have Jeremy die, and attempts to end Kol’s plan.

Yet as we discover later on in the episode, Klaus has no intention of stopping Jeremy and in fact wishes to kidnap him to keep him by his side, and killing vampires for him. Elena and jeremy, safe in the Gilbert lake house, do not let Klaus in, but know it is only a matter of time before they are forced to leave. Be it through a threatened friend, or through physical destruction of the house itself.

When trying to figure out their course of action, Jeremy and Elena realize that they do not know how many vampire’s it will take to finish the mark. It could be dozens, or even hundreds before the mark is complete, and with seemingly no end to the originals infighting that could mean the very destruction of Mystic Falls itself. With nowhere left to turn, Elena devises her own plan – to kill an original.

The victory would be twofold, not only would Jeremy succeed in killing thousands of vampires in one fell swoop (thus undoubtedly completing the mark), but the death of Kol would release Damon from his compulsion and stop Damon from trying to kill Jeremy.

Nothing is ever as simple as this, and I have a feeling in the upcoming episodes we are going to discover that someone we know is a descendant of Kol’s bloodline, which will either cause them to sacrifice their lives, or throw this new plan out the window.

Rebekah and Stefan, a new team or something more?

Rebekah and Stefan

With none of the ingredients required to find the cure (bonnie the witch, or Jeremy’s mark) Rebekah and Stefan decide to find and steal the headstone shane claims is essential to resurrecting Silas.

While in Shane’s office, Rebekah begins to attempt to rekindle the old relationship the two had back in the 20’s, when they first met (revealed in Vampire Diaries earlier seasons). While at first Stefan is as righteous as ever, after some poking and prodding, Rebekah gets Stefan to admit that he did, in fact, have fun with her (killing and indulging in all his urges).

So Stefan and Rebekah search every corner of Shanes office yet are still unable to find the headstone. So, with nowhere else to turn, the two smoke some of Shane’s mystery voodoo herbs and hang out for a few hours. When a mysterious man appears, the two hide and allow him to lead them to the head stone’s hiding place. This guy is extremely intense, and will not answer to any of their questions despite all torturing Rebekah imparts upon him. He can’t be compelled (since he is full of vervain), yet is acting without any regard for his own life. My suspicions are that he is either an ardent follower of Silas’ cult, or that he is an ally of Shane. Regardless, we are unable to find out since he commits suicide the first chance he gets.

Bonnie and Shane – Shane reveals some more of his new tricks.

Bonnie and Shane - Vampire Diaries

Yet perhaps the most interesting part of Catch Me If You Can, was how much darker Shane is then we were initially led to believe. While at first he seemed like a quirky professor, intent on helping Bonnie overcome her misgivings about magic, Shane has revealed some startling things in this episode that turn that conception of him on its head.

First, and perhaps the most intriguing, is that Shane appears to be able to hypnotize, or even “compel” a witch, which is something we have not yet seen in the Vampire Diaries universe. While Bonnie was confronting shane about how she nearly killed april while trying to protect him, shane instills a sense of calmness into Bonnie. Unlike she had just been reacting, Bonnie instantly complied, and reacted much in the same way that a human does when they are compelled by a vampire. I’m not sure if this is some power he has over all witches, or if this is just something he instilled into Bonnie when he was training her to use Expression, but either way, I feel like he is going to force her into doing something by the end of the season she will not be able to live with.

But even more than this, it seems Shane is no longer concerned with keeping up appearances with her. Not only does he confess to orchestrating the death of the eleven council members to bonnie, after being arrested by Sheriff Forbes, but when Bonnie gives up on Shane after his confession he uses Bonnie’s emotions against her to get his own way. After telling Bonnie that all those who died in the service of Silas will be resurrected, he says that with Silas’ magic even Grams can be revived. While offput at first, Shane begins to twist Bonnie by telling her that she can end her suffering at the hands of the spirits, the suffering that she herself caused, by re-awakening Silas and using him to bring Grams back from the dead.

This, in conjunction with Shane’s confession, causes Bonnie to snap. And she let’s her magic take control and uses it to begin torturing shane. What I find most interesting, however, is that Shane is capable of making bonnie stop – much in the same way he ‘compelled’ her earlier in the episode, which makes me believe he wanted her to explode and lose control. After her outburst, shane insists he is the only one who can control Bonnie, and without him, Bonnie will be a ticking time bomb that could lose control at any moment.

Stefan, Rebekah and Elena.


Stefan is getting harder and harder to figure out. Is he actually in love with Elena? Is he turning back into Ripper Stefan? And what is he doing with Rebekah? After all, the majority of Stefan’s existence has been killing and indulging in his darker urges. Yet somehow these last 3.5 ‘peaceful’ years in Mystic Falls (if you could even call them that), are Stefan’s True self. However, I can’t really tell as of yet if Stefan is acting in a particular way to get what he wants, or if he is simply becoming his old self.

Regardless, Stefan lets Rebekah become the ultimate rebound girl – and tell’s Elena that he no longer cares about her. While I have my suspicions, I still believe this is all an act. I’m not sure for what purpose, because if Stefan really had given up on Elena he would no longer be interested in the cure, and would most likely simply leave Mystic Falls like he had done after he though Katherine had died back in the 1800’s. But, as we see, he is still looking for the cure and still hanging out around town. I suspect that his actions are simply to get Rebekah on his side, but who really knows. Vampire Diaries loves to throw little surprises at all of us, Like evil Alric & vampire Elena, so the end could be something different altogether.

And some additional thoughts…

I don’t understand why Damon and Stefan (and Elena for that matter) aren’t taking vervain. As we discovered in season 2 of Vampire Diaries, Vampires who take small amounts of vervain can resist compulsion from The Originals (as Katherine did to escape from Klaus when he had captured her). With all the Originals back in town, I cannot figure out (aside for plot reasons) why Vampire Diaries gang wouldn’t be constantly ingesting vervain? They’ve all been compelled several times at this point, so unless they were compeled off-camera to not take the herb, I don’t see a single reason for them to stop.

Did I leave anything out, did you take anything differently or did you notice anything I may not have? Let me know!

Check out the CW’s site for full episodes if you need to catch up!

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