News: Full Moon Puts It All On Sale


February is the new October thanks to Full Moon’s yearly Valentine’s Day sale. Almost everything in the Full Moon shop is half off starting Thursday Feb. 13th at 12:00 PST until Monday Feb. 18th at 12:00 PST.

Full Moon has recently re-released the first three classic Puppet Master films, and Subspecies 1 – 3 to Bu-ray, and has added the disturbing cult classic Deported Women of the SS Special Section to its Grindhouse label. Other releases include the never released 1986 film The Evil Clergyman starring Jeffery Combs, Riot in a Women’s Prison, and Full Moon’s newest film Reel Evil. Unfortunately the not-so-PC Ooga Booga was not released in time for the sale.

There are not a lot of Blu-ray options, but DVD box sets include the 18 disc Full Moon archive collection, Trancers (doesn’t include Trancers 6, but you can buy it individually), the William Shatner collection, the Pleasure Box featuring some of the finest skinemax classics, plus many more. Just head on over to to get your shopping list ready!

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