Movie Review: It’s A Disaster (2012, Dir. Todd Berger)

It's A Disaster

It sure is!

If I didn’t get paid by the letter, that would have been all I had to say about this film. Mind you, I believe that to be its greatest selling point. It’s true, I seesawed back and forth throughout the entire duration of It’s a Disaster, but at the end, I’d say it’s worth watching. Before coming to that conclusion, I did spend most of the 88 minute duration saying to myself: “Dear god, I’d rather cut off my penis than be watching this”.

It’s a Disaster is an independent comedy about a group of friends meeting for their monthly brunch, which just so happens to be taking place at the same time as a mysterious catastrophic disaster occurs in their city. The group is now trapped in the house and unsure of what is happening outside.

It was a slow burn, which I think hurt it overall. All of the fun shit came a little too infrequently, and a little too late. It was the last scene that won me over. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very fun moments sprinkled in here and there. It just feels like a disjointed mess most of the time. When put into the context of the film, this both adds to its charm and kills the mood. I don’t know if this was intentional, and if it was, then this film is truly brilliant.

There is a great divide between David Cross and Julia Stiles’ story, and everyone else. It was like watching a great film and a kind of alright film glued together by America Ferrera’s absolutely crazy character. She was fantastic by the way.

The bad things I have to say about It’s a Disaster severely outweigh the good. In spite of this, I still recommend it. It really tried, and I always give points for effort. Plus, I’m a bit of a cunt sometimes, and maybe I just think other people will enjoy this in all the ways that I was supposed to and didn’t. Admittedly, the most enjoyable part was when Beethoven’s Symphony 7 played. It offered me a chance to mentally check out and think about Zardoz for a few minutes. So, see this film, because it is truly worthy of its title. And if nothing else, it’s honest about that.

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