10 Reasons Orange Is The New Black Makes Prison Look Great

Ten Reasons Orange Is The New Black Makes Prison Look Great

The more I watch Orange is the New Black, the more prison is starting to look really appealing. The fact of the matter is, I’m not making any money off this stupid website and I can barely survive! Often the thought crosses my mind, wouldn’t it be great if someone would just take care of me? There’s so much I enjoy doing, like reading, writing, and making things with my hands, but I can’t seem to make ends meet. But now that I’ve gotten a good look at prison from OITNB, I’m realizing it might be a perfect fit for me. How do I get accepted into prison? Do I email them my resume?


I’m alone all the time, and no one wants to be around me at all ever. But what if my friends were my friends because they had no choice?

Orange Is The New Black: Hug Friends!

Everyone is in that prison together, and from the way things look in Orange is the New Black, they’re not really looking to stab one another. They’re looking to hug. Sure, everyone is bickering, there’s some tension, but you’re gonna form bonds with amazing people, who you never would have met in any other circumstance.


Bed. Food. Entertainment. There’s even free cable! I’m watching OITNB on a tiny laptop, I can’t even afford television! And, if you’re lucky enough to become president of television like Taystee does, you can just throw on whatever you want. Planet Earth all day, every day!

Orange Is The New Black: Free Movies!

Drugs might not be free, but they’ll only cost a blow job or a deal with the porn-stache’d guard to acquire.


Spend a lot of time alone with your thoughts and really begin to understand who you are, what you want, and what things mean. And if that gets boring, kick back and relax! You’re already in prison.

Orange Is The New Black: Find God!

Enjoy the time off. Explore your sexuality! Are you religious? Are you not religious? Well, now you’ve got all the time in the world to find God, wherever he’s hiding, and decide if that righteous dude is meant for you. Your meth buddies will even baptize you in the sink!


When you get to prison, there’s gonna be a bit of a detox. You’re being torn away from your technology, and all the things you used to be able to just walk to the store and buy, like booze, aren’t so easy to come by anymore.

Orange is The New Black: Drink Hooch!

Personally, I’m drunk and on my cell phone all the damn time! I don’t even enjoy it anymore, it’s just part of the day! Now, on those special occasions when your prison pals have managed to whip up some hooch, you’re really going to know how good it is to have what you have.


Do Yoga, jog, get in shape, read books. Do you like to cook? What else do you want to learn? Well, there’s lots of opportunities.

Orange Is The New Black: Read Books!

The prison functions a lot like a commune, the inmates prep the food, drive the vans, organize themselves, fix things, and keep the place running. It’s a great way to really maximize your productivity, learn what you like doing and what you’re good at.


I don’t know about you, but I’m not qualified for anything. In prison, your qualifications don’t even matter! You don’t have to apply for a job; you’re assigned a job.

Orange is The New Black: Get a Job!

It’s almost like The Game Of Life wasn’t a huge lie, land on the “get a job” space, pick a card, and boom! You’re an electrician!


In Orange Is The New Black, the women campaign in prison to be elected to the WAC committee.

Orange Is The New Black: Eat Donuts!

If they win, they get donuts and absolutely no responsibilities at all. It’s simply the best democratically elected position I can think up.


Look at this dog! It lives in prison. You can play with it!

Orange Is The New Black: Play With A Dog!


I’ve been trying to live off my art for years, and most of what that has served me with is having my power turned off and moving into my parent’s basement.

Orange Is The New Black: Spiritual Art!

When you’re serving time, you can make art to express yourself freely and also have guaranteed meals, a bed, and hot showers. You’re also provided with free materials, and you can make whatever you want. And even if it’s awful, you don’t have to get accepted into a gallery to display it. Just hang it right up!


In church.

Orange is The New Black: Church Sex!

In the shower.

Orange is The New Black: Shower Sex!

With a one legged man even!

Orange is The New Black: Man Sex!


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