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He Took His Skin Off For Me Kickstarter

He Took His Skin Off For Me is a short film which will be directed by Ben Aston. It seems to be exactly how it sounds: a story about a man who removes his skin for his girlfriend. The Kickstarter page explains to us that its a sort of a screwed up fairy/morality tale. “Think Margaret Atwood meets David Cronenberg,” the page tells us.

After drawing comparisons to David Cronenberg, who is one of my favorite contemporary directors, this project appeals to me quite a bit. Plus, the effects are all practical, under the supervision of Colin Arthur, who worked on the original Clash of the Titans, The Never Ending Story, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. In a world filled to the brink with CGI ‘magic,’ it is incredibly nice to hear that people still like good o’ fashion practical. It should look pretty great! Right now they have met the goal, but they need a bit more (2.5 thousand, at the time of this article’s writing) to get the extra day of filming they need.

The Official Synopsis For He Took His Skin Off For Me:

“Is this what you want? he asked, and I said yes, so he took his skin off for me.”
He hangs the loose skin in the closet and comes downstairs to join his girlfriend at the dinner table. This whole thing seems like a good idea. He’s become what she always wanted him to be.


But it’s not all perfect.


It’s the small things. The stains. She has to wash the sheets every day. At night he gets cold, so they have to turn up the heat. This means more bills. And gas isn’t cheap…


In fact, money is more of a problem than ever. He’s losing clients at work and they begin to fight about it. She tells him they’re the wrong clients anyway.


Old friends come over for dinner, but the party does not go well. He is quiet and withdrawn. The house is covered in stains – more than she can possibly clean.


They stop talking. The silence is deafening. She begins to worry that he resents her.


He does.”

This is based off of a short story written by Maria Hummer, citizen of London. She does a reading for the short film that you can check out here.

Not convinced yet? Go visit the film’s page to see all of the available perks for your money! This is an incredibly interesting project in my mind, so I hope to see it do well! Please throw a few bones their way, if you can spare it!

And let me know if this project looks interesting to you in the comments section below!

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