8 Reasons That You Should Be Watching Arrow On The CW

Reasons Why You Should be Watching Arrow on the CW

One of television’s greatest mysteries is how Smallville managed to last 10 seasons.
Even as a casual fan of the show, this confuses me. The only explanation I can give is that it filled the void left by the cancellation of Xena, and it gave comic book nerds access to third rate DC characters they will never see on the big screen. What’s even more amazing than Smallville’s longevity is that the CW is poised to recreate its success with Arrow.

Maybe other networks should take note of the CW’s superhero formula. It’s easy; both Smallville and Arrow are daytime soap operas starring lesser known DC heroes and villains. Throw in a couple of hot shirtless men, an interracial marriage, low expectations, and you have both UPN and the WB’s entire demographic covered. The addition of random DC character cameos, like The Flash, brings in new viewers each week. Even if these fans don’t stick around, they do come back for the season finale, or next big character appearance. It is a recipe for low budget TV success.

I assume most Smallville fans are already tuning in. If you are not, you should be. Arrow has learned from Smallville’s mistakes and is getting everything right that Smallville got wrong. If you missed the Smallville phenomenon the first time around, this is your chance to catch it again, and here’s why you should.


Marvel is already scraping the bottom of its superhero barrel with planned Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but DC can’t even get passed their big two — Batman and Superman. It is unlikely we will ever see characters like Green Arrow, Deathstroke and the Huntress on the big screen, but we can see them on TV. The Flash is already confirmed for Arrow season two. There have even been rumors that Green Lantern may join the Arrow universe. It is also fun to watch the CW screw up iconic characters like the Royal Flush gang and Slade.

Arrow: Royal Flush

I’ve seen better amateur cosplay outfits than the costumes on Arrow.


Stephen Amell is shirtless in almost every episode. That’s got to get your feel good going.

Arrow: Shirtless Men


Arrow has stolen the trophy from Top Chef as the show with the most obvious and shameless product placement. I’m surprised the show isn’t titled the Surface RT Presents… Arrow.


This Oliver Queen is not a tree hugging liberal, he kills when necessary and without remorse.

Arrow: Deadshot is Dead


Everyone loves hot nerdy chicks, and Emily is the hottest IT girl on television right now.

Arrow: Emily Bett Rickards


The writing of the show is so horrible and predictable you can make every Wednesday an Arrow drinking game night.

Arrow: Drinking!

Drink every time Oliver or any other character says some iteration of “the island changed him.”Do a shot every time someone visits a grave. Take a shot when someone is saved by Queen’s magic bag of herbs. There are lots of recurring Arrow-isms you could use to make a fun night of watching the show. Plus, the show is a lot better when you’re drunk or high.


It is fun to hunt for the various Easter eggs in the show. Ferris Air, which you’ll recognize as the same logo from the Green Lantern film, has been seen, along with many other references to the DC universe.

Arrow: Ferris Air Logo

Here is a complete list of Arrow Easter Eggs broken down by episodes.


Barry Allen has been confirmed for three episodes (8, 9 and 20) of season two, with his last appearance, serving as a backdoor pilot for The Flash’s own TV series.

Arrow: The Flash

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