Amos Mortimer’s 20 Films To Watch Before The World Ends in 2017


Oh wow! Another year of YWC is behind us as we look forward to the next one. Will it be any better than this shit show? Who knows! Thank you to all of our readers for the support we’ve received in 2016, and have a happy new year! Keep checking in for the last few weeks of 2016 to see what all the YWC regulars thought of this year’s movies. See you in 2017 for another great year of content!

Great News, Cinemaphiles! The nation came together to tell a grandmother that 50 states worth of grandchildren aren’t going to call her anymore, and that means next year, we all get to die! We fucking went to Vegas, went to the roulette table, bet America on Black, and it landed on the fucking double zero! We fucking elected Caligula, and now, his spoils are our own! HOORAY!

However, we have at least until January 20th before Big Daddy T-Rump drives our infrastructure into the Ghost of the World Trade Center, so I’ve come up with 20 movies to watch before that happens! Yeah! Fuck, Yeah! OUR PRESIDENT HAS A SON NAMED BARRON!!!

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“You’re The Best Around. Nothing’s Ever Gonna Keep You Down.”
– Joe Esposito, ‘You’re The Best Around’

It’s 2014! And while every fucking idiot in the world is crying about how awesome Big Dick Wall Street is, I have to write some fucking article about what the best movies I saw this year was. Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t get out much, and frankly, that’s how I like it. Fucking retards go to the theaters because little kids use their flip phones and babies are crying everywhere and it’s taxing when you’re trying to figure out what Optimus is telling Shia.

So I decided to compile the top 10 movies I saw this year. I’m not counting porn, as to not show favoritism to a genre. I’m also not counting movies I didn’t see. So here you go…

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Book Of Amos: Amos Reviews The Counselor (2013, Dir. Ridley Scott)

The Counselor (2013) Movie Review

     “Everybody Talks. Everybody Talks. Everybody Talks.”
                                   – Neon Trees, ‘Everybody Talks’

After White People Planet, I was kinda unsure about Ridley Scott. I liked it, don’t get me wrong, since I’ll love anything in the Alien universe, and that especially includes Alien: Resurrection in a genuine, unironic way. But Ridley Scott has definitely been on an increasingly steep slope in terms of his quality. Desert Spies, Gladiator Hood, Scarface 2: The Quickening and A Fucking Movie About a House Renovation?! have all indicated a master who has individual elements of greatness in different films, but has yet to cohesively assemble them as he did in his prime. White People Planet should have been a cakewalk for the auteur, and yet, the work of Damon Lindelof (not Spaihts, whose original script is so much better) didn’t jive with Ridley’s aversion to explore the philosophical ideas that were hinted at. If only he would have made an entire movie of David’s Bicyclesketball.

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Book Of Amos: Just Die Already

"Patriarch" Staring Matt Damon and Peter Fonda

“That’s why I fucked your bitch, you fat motherfucker.”
                                             – Tupac Shakur, ‘Hit Em Up’

Okay, stupid, picture this. You’re at the movies, right? You’re with your significant other or alone or whatever. You sit down, and after twenty midnights of making jokes about casual dads and NYPD cops who kill homeless veterans to get their dicks hard, the lights go down. The completely fucking awesome DCP system starts up and like that, it’s the best time of the day: it’s trailer time.

So you’re sitting there, right? As you shovel whatever fucking shit into your mouth, the first preview starts off, and goes exactly like this…

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