“Cronenberg – (n.)”


“Hate is a Train.”
               – Metallica, ‘Hate Train’

If I were to walk up to you tomorrow, and give you a disc that just said, ‘Movie’, on it, would you watch it? Would you? Even out of some sick, Richard Matheson-esque fucking desire to satiate your curiosity? And what if the movie was really good? Like Event Horizon good? Who would you tell? How would you share it?

Today, a whole bunch of idiots who had secure jobs at Focus Features in New York are getting the hard boot into the gutter of Funemployment. They’ll be in good company, since Paramount is doing the same to a bunch of their people too. Hundreds of people, just suddenly without jobs, because instead of one of their movies making $500 million worldwide, it made $375 million.

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Movie Review: Antiviral (2012, Dir. Brandon Cronenberg)


Cronenberg. This is a name all film junkies should know. David Cronenberg has directed horror classics such as Videodrome and The Fly, period pieces like A Dangerous Method, masterpieces like Eastern Promises, and underrated gems such as Cosmopolis. He is known for his cold and disconnected style, mixed in with a certain amount of surrealist horror and general oddness.

Does the name Brandon Cronenberg ring any bells? He should. He is the son of David (heh) and a new director. After years of nearly every art form but film, he finally gave in and tried it out with Antiviral. Having premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, it has just now been released in limited theaters and Video On Demand.

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