You Won Candy Corn: Eight Horror Films That Traumatized Me

Top Eight Most Traumatizing Horror Movies

Guess what: it’s still Halloween! And to get into the spirit of my favorite holiday, I’ve been revisiting some of the films that I personally have found to be the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. I’ve compiled a list of the eight horror films that have been the most effective in absolutely terrifying me. Read about my experiences with cinematic terror below, and I encourage you to comment and tell me about your own as well.

Check out the article I posted earlier as an introduction to this list right here. 

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You Won Candy Corn: October Is A Month-Long And All Of That Is Halloween.

You Won Cannes Halloween 2013

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me what I believe the scariest movie of all time is. This is a very complicated question, but also a very appropriate question as we’re all gearing up for our own personal Halloween film festivals throughout the month of October. The first thing to consider is personal bias vs objectivity; am I answering the question of what has been successful at scaring large groups of people, or more simply put, the average scariest film? Or is my answer only what has frightened me? If I am only speaking from my own experiences with horror, things become even more complexly layered.

I’m not a psychologist or anything, but I’m fascinated by the topic of what it is that makes a fictional creation scary; what it is exactly that makes us squirm when we watch a film. So I’m kicking off this year’s You Won Cannes-oween coverage with some suggestions on how to freak yourself out. Over the month of October we’ll be reviewing lots of horror films, from new exciting indie horror to old-school video nasties, and lots of weird stuff that you may not have had on your radar in between.

If you recall, last year I attempted to watch and review 50 horror films. And I failed.

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